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1. How do I determine if I have a water leak?
2. How do I read my water meter?
3. How do I wash my car in an environmentally friendly way?
4. How do I irrigate efficiently?
5. Who should I call if there is a broken sprinkler head and water is shooting out?
6. Where does our water come from?
7. Who is making sure that my water is safe and healthy to drink?
8. Why does my water sometimes look dirty, cloudy, or have a funny color?
9. Why does my water sometimes smell or taste funny?
10. Where do many odd tastes and smells come from and how you get rid of them?
11. Why does my water leave spots on my glasses, coffeepot, and showerhead?
12. What is the level of fluoride in the water?
13. Is water treated with chloramines hazardous to some pets?
14. I am experiencing low water pressure at my residence or business. What could be the cause of the low water pressure?
15. What causes water leaks?
16. What number do I call to report a water leak?
17. What is the City of Port Hueneme’s responsibility regarding repairing leaks at a water meter or service connection?
18. How are leaks scheduled for repairs?
19. How can I disinfect my drain?