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1. What services does the Solid Waste Division offer?
2. What is included with basic Residential Solid Waste & Recycling Service?
3. My trash/recycle was missed! What do I do?
4. How can I get my cracked/broken trash or recycle cart replaced?
5. How do I arrange for a large-item pick-up?
6. How do I rent a temporary 3 or 6-yard trash bin, or a 13, 20 or 40-yard rolloff?
7. How do I dispose of old medications properly?
8. I forgot to put my trash carts out on time! What do I do?
9. The Solid Waste driver put a ‘tag’ on my cart! The tag says there was a car blocking the cart. What do I do?
10. What items can I place in my recycling cart?
11. Where can I properly dispose of Latex Paint, Antifreeze, Car and Boat Batteries, Motor Oil and Oil Filters?
12. What can I do with all my “other” Household Hazardous Wastes, such as oil-based paint, paint products, household cleaners, and pesticides?
13. Where do I recycle my computer or other electronic items?
14. Where can I donate or find recyclable items that are still usable but don't belong or fit in my recycle cart?
15. How often is the beach cleaned?
16. How do I volunteer for Coastal Clean Up Day?