Permit Information & Requirements

Encroachment Permit

Encroachment Permits are issued by the Public Works Department and are required whenever work is within the City road right-of-way or City easement. Such work would include utility installations and repairs, roadway and drainage improvements by developers, driveway construction, sidewalk repair, filming of motion pictures and still photography, or placement of obstructions in the right-of-way such as fences, trees, poles, and overhead structures.

Who Needs an encroachment permit?

Individuals, companies, contractors, corporations, utilities and other agencies proposing to conduct any activities within, under, or over the city's right of way are required to obtain an encroachment permit.

  • Examples of work requiring an encroachment permit include, but are not limited to: excavations, signs, post and fence installations, equipment/structures placed upon the street and/or sidewalk, vegetation planting/trimming, driveway or sidewalk installation/replacement, and utility work.
  • Special event encroachment permit is for events within the public right-of-way proposing closure of streets and/or sidewalks. Some examples of events that may require this type of permit are neighborhood block events, filming and still photography, parades, marathon, runs, bike rides or items placed upon the sidewalk or street.

Do I need a Business License?

Contractors and sub-contractors performing work shall obtain and maintain a valid Business License from the City of Port Hueneme. Please contact our Finance Department for more information: here.

Finance Department
Port Hueneme City Hall
250 N. Ventura Road
Port Hueneme, CA 93041
Phone 805-986-6524 Fax: 805-986-6583

What are the Fees for an Encroachment Permit?
The permit application fee to initiate the application process is based on the Master Fee Schedule, see below for the fee structure.

Driveway Approach - Residential$144Each
Driveway Approach - Commercial$185Up to Two
Excavations (Up to 100 sq. ft.)$144Plus additional $0.50 per sq.ft. over 100 sq.ft. in area
Fence - County Recorded Permit$111Each (for Public right-of-way)
Fire Flow Test$111Each plus $35 each additional test
Fire Line Backflow (No hot Tap)$190Each
Handicap Access Ramps$185Up to Two
Material/ Stockpile Storage$111.
Paving/Sidewalk Repair$172Plus additional $0.50 per sq.ft. over 100 sq.ft. in area
Traffic Control (First Day)$111Plus additional $20 each additional day needed
Tree Trimming/Removal$111Plus additional $20 each additional day needed
Utility Pothole$111Plus additional $20 each additional day needed
House Connection, Water, Sewer Storm Service$258.

Where do I apply for an encroachment permit?

You may apply for a permit at the Public Works Department, 700B E. Port Hueneme Road, Port Hueneme between 7:30 Am and 4 PM, Monday through Thursday, and every other Friday. We are closed every other Friday see Calendar for dates. The permit application is also available on-line. Click on links below for application. Submitting an application does not constitute encroachment permit approval. 

Download the Encroachment Permit Application (PDF) and email your completed permit request.

Phone Numbers to Call Prior 

Contact the City three working days prior to start of construction at 805-986-6507 and your inspector will return your call to discuss inspection requirements. Contact Underground Service Alert (USA) toll free at 811, three working days prior to digging or excavation.

Successful completion of an Encroachment Permit Application includes:  

  1. Completed application with applicant's name and address, City Business License number and State Contractors License number for each contractor working within the City right-of-way or City easement.
  2. Submit scale drawings, sketch or written description and limits of work to be completed in City right-of-way or City easement.
  3. Provide Certificate of Insurance with Endorsements (see handout of City Requirements) for each contractor working within the City right-of-way or City easement. 
  4. Contractors working within the City right-of-way or City easement are required to have either a Class A, C-12 or C-34 license. C-31 may perform traffic control services when there is no physical construction to the City right-of-way or City easement.
  5.  A contractor with a Class C-36 license may work in the City right-of-way or City easement in conjunction with a Class A, C-12 or C-34 to complete street paving.
  6. When working in the roadway submit a traffic control plan for City approval. If you do not have an approved traffic control plan, a permit will not be issued.
  7. Pay the encroachment fee (amount to be determined based on the amount and type of work intended). Make check payable to: City of Port Hueneme. Credit Cards accepted at City Hall.
  8. When all of the above are acceptable, we will assign an Encroachment Permit number, sign the permit and issue a copy to you and forward the original to our inspector.
  9. Before beginning work, read all attached conditions of the Encroachment Permit, 24 hours prior to beginning work, call Public Works Inspector at 805-986-6507.
  10. Maintain permit on site for duration of construction.

Fence Permit

A fence permit is required if you plan to build a fence. Obtain a fence permit (PDF). Email your completed permit request .

Transportation/Oversize Load Permit

The City of Port Hueneme requires a Transportation Permit authorizing operation or movement, upon City streets, of vehicles and loads of a size and/or weight allowed in California Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 35701 and by City of Port Hueneme Municipal Code(s): 

Email your completed permit request.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

American Express, Discover, Visa or MasterCard by email. Please include:

  1. Card number
  2. Expiration date
  3. 3 digit code on back of card

Permits are not issued until payment is rendered.