State Level Assistance

California Governor's Office of Economic Development (GOED)

California Governor's Office of Economic Development Website

Established April 2010, the GOED consolidates the professional expertise and resources of numerous state agencies. Whether starting a business, looking to expand, or wondering about a particular policy or procedure, business owners and managers can contact GOED's experts at 877-345-4633 to access the essential information.

Of particular value on statewide issues, GOED provides information on cost and availability regarding site, workforce training and infrastructure issues and provides permit and regulatory assistance.

GOED can be used as the small business owner's portal for information from state agencies including the:

  • Department of Industrial Relations
  • Employment Development Department
  • Employment Training Panel
  • Franchise Tax Board and tax credit information
  • Labor and Workforce Development Agency
  • Many others

California Employment Development Department (EDD)

California Employment Development Department Website

The EDD offers no fee State payroll tax seminars, either classroom-style or online. Both are designed to help employers comply with State payroll tax laws. The seminars / webinars provide vital education on Independent Contractor Misconceptions, and Employee or Independent Contractor Payroll Taxes and Reporting.