Engineering, Permitting & Streets


The Engineering Division provides administrative, engineering, construction inspection, and project management services in support of Public Works and other City projects. In cooperation with the other City Departments, the Public Works staff provides plan check and implementation for community development and maintenance projects. 

The Division issues Encroachment Permits for construction performed by other entities in the City’s right-of-way, and coordinates with various utility companies to provide services to the City.


The Streets Division provides maintenance and improvements for city’s:

  • Streets
  • Alleys
  • Sidewalks
  • Public rights-of-way
  • Parking lots

The Division is responsible for pothole and pavement repairs, as well as installation and repair to curbs and gutters. The Division maintains the storm drains to ensure proper drainage.

The Division implements signage and pavement markings in accordance of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and Caltrans Specifications.