City Manager

The City Manager serves as the Chief Executive Officer responsible for the management of all City operations and the implementation of the policies and vision of the Port Hueneme City Council. He works closely with the City’s Executive Team (Deputy City Manager, Police Chief, Finance Director and Public Works Director) to ensure that quality City services are delivered to the Port Hueneme community in the most efficient manner possible.

Strategic Priotrities

The City Council has identified five strategic priorities:

  • Promoting Port Hueneme’s Coastal Amenities
  • Cultivating a High Performing City Organization
  • Maintaining Port Hueneme’s Infrastructure at a High Level
  • Enhancing Community Involvement
  • Creating a Sustainable Financial Future for the City

About Brad Conners

As City Manager Mr. Conners will work with the City Council, City staff and the community to make sure that these strategic priorities are achieved in order for Port Hueneme to continue to enjoy the qualities that have always made it a great place to live and to work. As well as, take the community to the next level, with a constant focus on improving the quality of life in the "Friendly City by the City."

Get Involved

We welcome your ideas and involvement. The City Manager can be reached by phone at 805-986-6501 or email the City Manager’s office.