About The City of Port Hueneme

The City of Port Hueneme (pronounced "Why-nee-mee") is a unique community along Ventura County's Gold Coast just south of the City of Oxnard and Channel Islands Harbor. Port Hueneme is unique because of its rich history, culture, and traditions, dating back to the Chumash Indians who made their home here for centuries and because of its long-established, close relationship with the U.S. Navy's Port Hueneme and Point Mugu naval facilities.

New to Town

bubbling springs As a new resident or business, or someone who may be considering a move to Port Hueneme, the City Council and Chamber of Commerce warmly welcome you to our fine community. Soon you will find that the quality of life in Port Hueneme is one-of-a-kind. Those who live or work here benefit from the City's small town atmosphere, affordable housing, diverse economy, temperate climate, clean air, low crime, quality education, and plentiful recreation. The City takes great pride in its consumer service practices and personifies the concept of "customer as client." In this tradition, the following information is offered to better acquaint you with the community.


Geographically, Port Hueneme has a total land area of 4.5 square miles; living proof that small is beautiful. What it lacks in size, the City more than compensates in spirit and vitality. With its emphasis on quality of life, the City is widely admired for its redevelopment and revitalization efforts, the natural beauty of its beach, the largest commercial deep-water port between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the caliber of public facilities, and the unifying theme of its public streetscape. Together, these ingredients provide the recipe for one of California's most livable places.


Housing in Port Hueneme is affordable and convenient. The residents of Port Hueneme enjoy quality, coastal-community living for a remarkably reasonable cost - especially when compared to the high-priced communities both to the north and south of the City. In fact, Port Hueneme has the most affordable housing and broadest mix of dwellings in all of Ventura County. Residents have their choice of beachfront condominiums, contemporary single-family residences, and low-rise apartments. Since approximately 50% of residential property is rental, housing is readily available to buyers and renters alike.


The broad based economy of Port Hueneme has historically performed better than the average California community. Regionally, the economy is driven by five primary sectors: oil production, defense, manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism. Locally, the Naval Base Ventura County and deep water commercial Port of Hueneme dominate the economic landscape. The Naval Base Ventura County in Port Hueneme and the Port of Hueneme, owned and operated by the Oxnard Harbor District, occupy approximately 60% of the City's total land area. The Port serves as an import/export station for break-bulk, neo-bulk, and dry-bulk cargo. 

In addition, the Port serves as a staging area for offshore oil operations in nearby Santa Barbara Channel, provides space for local sport and commercial fishing industries, and is home to the largest dockside refrigeration storage facility on the West Coast. Among the Port's many advantages are its U.S. Customs Port of Entry and Foreign Trade Zone designations. The Port's annual economic impact of over half a billion dollars in direct economic activity and more than 4,500 direct and indirect jobs spotlights its position as one of Ventura County's premier economic engines.


The climate of this City is close to paradise. Mild winter temperatures and cooling midsummer sea breezes typify Port Hueneme's subtropical temperate climate. Mean monthly low temperatures range from 44 to 58 degrees and the average temperature is 74 degrees. Rainfall averages about 15 inches per year.


In the City of Port Hueneme, public safety is priority one. Port Hueneme has its own police force comprised of 24 sworn officers and 8 full-time support staff. With a service area of less than five square miles, response time is generally within five minutes.


The City is home to plentiful recreation for everyone to enjoy. Port Hueneme is home to the only City-owned and maintained beach park in Ventura County. The City's 90 acres of park land exceeds the statewide norm by more than one-third. Local facilities include a community center, library, historical museum, and a Boys and Girls Club.


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