Police Department

The Port Hueneme Police Department is a world-class police organization, comprised of people with Competence and Character, who rely upon both Collaboration and Compassion. Our police officers have strong personal values, a powerful work ethic and a passion for public safety.

We work in close alliance with involved business owners, public employees, and the community at large to fight crime. Together, we build trust and we build better neighborhoods. We use both positive leadership and personal involvement to achieve premier public service.

Community Involvement

The Port Hueneme Police Department is fully devoted to Community Policing. Everyone who lives or works here has the opportunity and the responsibility to share ideas. By capitalizing upon the full resources of this great city, we will solve today’s crime problems and constantly improve the quality of life for the future. In Port Hueneme, the police and the public are joined in an irrefutable allegiance to each other, united in the pursuit of public safety and peace.