Plastic Bag Recycling

Are plastic bags accepted in the blue recycle cart?

Unfortunately, no. Plastic bags are currently not recyclable. Over the years, Ventura County and its partner cities have tried to ensure that any item with market value could be placed in the recycling containers for both businesses and residents. In the past, there has been a market for mixed film plastics, including plastic bags.

In recent years, however, we have been unable to find a market for this material. Industry leaders believe that this will continue for the next several years.

plastic bag collection at large stores is California law!

California has mandated, through the At-Store Recycling Program, that plastic carryout bag recycling drop-off bins be made available at all regulated supermarkets and large retail stores with a pharmacy. See CalRecycle's Page on Plastic Bag Recycling Laws Here

**Before visiting a referenced drop-off location, please check with that store to confirm its ongoing collection of plastic bags and wraps. Due to ever changing conditions and policies, stores may discontinue their programs for collection of plastic bags and wraps. These changes may not be reflected in the directory link below. 

**City of Port Hueneme Public Works and City Hall Do Not Currently Have Plastic Bag Recycling Drop-Offs**

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